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"Spiritual fitness seeks to answer important questions in life, the big questions like 'What's my purpose, what do I believe,'" said Chaplain (Capt.) Thomas Fussell, 354th Fighter Wing protestant chaplain. "Questions like those operate our daily lives and our beliefs; those beliefs in our heart of hearts will come out in our behaviors naturally.....Life happens and all that stuff tends to sit on us and we have to get it out somehow," said Fussell. "When we get the concerns and cares off of us, then we can be more focused, we can be more efficient and effective at what we do."


Welcome to my blog. Yes this is all about me... and maybe about you and things in your life.I am new at this so I will teach you patience and endurance... hopefully a laugh along the way. I will try to make following me as easy as possible.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Mental Illness and Job

I spent years with mental illness and still do.  I have spent time in scriptures to understand and get strength.  Job is who I feel closest too.  He was treated bad, beaten down by Satan.  People accused him of being bad, which is why all these things kept happening to him.  I heard that too and believed it until a kind and loving Bishop sat and talked with me.  Because people don’t understand they judge.  They accuse and think because you are not like them that something is wrong with you.  Job lost everything but stayed true to God.  Job was not weak but gained great strength through his trials because he chose too.  He could have gotten mean and bitter but he didn't.  No one can or will understand the buried that he carried.  Tears he shed and how hard it was to get up and keep going.  Just because you have fighting a good fight doesn't mean you are applauding and having fun.  It’s a moment by moment fight.  The most loving people for Job was those who just came and sat with him.  No words needed.  Just there and sometimes that is all that is needed.

Don’t judge me because I am not like you.  That isn't your job.  Your job is to love and this world could use a whole lot more of loving in it.

I am blessed because two years ago a Doctor put me on anti-seizure medication thinking it was for depression.  I usually pay careful attention to what is given to me.  I let this go and that 3 weeks was horrible.  Taking me off one and putting me on something that has nothing to do with depression.  My new doctor said that drug has nothing to do with depression and gave me something else.  Guess what?  I feel better.
You have to take charge of your life.  YOU are the only one that cares and goes through what you do.  So stand up and fight.  IF someone is handing you wrong advice... get someone new.  And never ever let someone make you feel like you are less important.  If they really want to be in your life they will make the effort and make you feel safe.  It’s amazing how we help people in wheel chairs but because you can’t see mental illness it can’t be important for you to make an effort.  I finally found peace knowing that if you don’t want me in your life, I don’t need you in mine.  I have the right to fight my fight without criticism, judging and negative.  So I live my journey and love those that live it with me.  And say Goodbye to those who have no good purpose in my life.

And I am thankful for mental illness.  Because I am kinder, compassionate, loving and more empathetic to others.  I understand suicide, cutting and many heartaches.  Not because I am there but I have learned pain is pain.  There is no more or less.  There is just pain.  With my Heavenly Father and Savior I can handle it.  A farmer never puts the blade of a plough into a field in which he doesn't expect a rich harvest!

Check it out and there is one in Richland.  It supports families who have members with mental illness.

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